11 tasks to outsource

Whether you’re an individual worker or a business manager, certain tasks consume time and energy you could be spending elsewhere. Outsourcing particular tasks can help you accomplish more with less time, freeing your schedule to tackling the things you do best.

What should you outsource? Consider the things you:

  • Are less skilled at
  • Don’t enjoy
  • Can afford to outsource, whether in time, money, or both.

1- Shopping
If you can’t stop by the supermarket or don’t have time to browse for the best deal, hire someone to do your shopping for you. This can work both online and offline!

2- Research
Finding information takes a lot of time. Depending on the topic, you can hire a college student or a knowledgeable professional to research for you.

3- Cleaning
Cleaning is a necessary but tiresome task. Hire a professional service or individual to take some housekeeping chores off your hands. Alternatively, consider purchasing a vacuuming robot.

4- Answering phones
Rather than getting interrupted during a meal or a meeting, consider outsourcing answering calls. Partner with a call-center company or work with a virtual receptionist or virtual assistant (VA).

5- Editing documents
Working on a research paper? Writing company blog posts? Consider hiring someone to proofread and edit your work and help you get your point across clearly.

6- Translating documents
Finding and hiring a bilingual team member to translate documents like official forms and marketing materials is costly. Consider hiring translation specialists instead.

7- Preparing presentations
If you have time to give presentations, but no time to create them, that’s another task you can outsource. Hire someone (such as a VA) to organize your slides or write your speech.

8- Data entry
If you have a lot of data that needs to be recorded and tracked, consider hiring someone to perform your data entry. Hire someone to do it in person or work with an online VA.

9- Assemble Furniture
What about the pain-in-the-rear errands that can’t be done virtually? You could use services that connect you to people in your area who are willing to do simple tasks in their spare time.

10- Dry Cleaning Drop-Off
When you are a busy professional, who always needs to look sharp, you will be required to take care of your clothes regularly, this task, even though is important, it is time consuming and might not be fun to do, hire someone in your local area who can do it for you on a regular basis.

11- Meal Cooking
You might think that personal chefs are just for celebrities, but you might be wrong, you can find students from cooking schools who are willing to earn some money while studying and you can ask them to cook for you few days a week.

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